The birds are chirping, the rabbits are scurrying, the trees are rustling
and there’s a welcoming pub at the end of the trail where you can order your favourite drink

Less than 2 hours from London, you’re able to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful English countryside when you embark on one of Walk the Landscape’s walking holidays or tours, be it for a day, a week or more. You’ll take great pleasure in experiencing all the rich history, picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife, as well as enjoying a few carefully chosen stops at quintessentially English pubs and tea rooms!

Walk the Landscape has been providing highly successful guided and self-guided walking holidays and tours for over 10 years. With a client list stretching far across the globe, each tour is designed to not only be a fun and interesting discovery of the Cotswolds and the heart of England, but an enriching cultural experience, too.

Whether you like to trek alone or as a group, with a map and comprehensive instructions or alongside an experienced guide, Walk the Landscape has the perfect walking tour for you!

To find out more, check our site for meticulously researched and highly popular walking holidays and tours, or contact us for more information, to discuss your requirements or to book a tour.